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SMC #6: Motivational Monday!


I love Mondays.   It is the fresh start to the new week.  You get to review your accomplishments from the previous week and strategize for the week to come.  You get to make a new action list in order to stay on track with your goals as well as create some new ones.  Mondays motivate me to think more creatively and dream bigger.  In honor of Monday I chose to wear orange because it is a creative and energetic color.   And because I work from home it is important that I get dressed and put myself together as if I was going in to an office.  I am my own boss and the boss has set some pretty high standards for the office!

Orange Cardi-Banana Republic; Orange Poppy Blouse-A.T. Loft; Gray Skinny Jeans-Old Navy; Silver Ballet Flats-Me Too

A nod to the creative energy of orange.
A nod to the creative energy of orange.