Oh Shift!

In coaching we talk about the amazing and powering moment when a we partner with a client to achieve a shift. A shift is simply helping an individual or organization move from one place or position to another. This can be emotional, thoughtful, spiritual and even physical.

I had such a shift this week while participating in one of my courses. I was the coachee being coached by one of my cohorts while another was the primary “observer” and the remainder of our cohorts also observed. Side note the three of us are, for real, a rabbi a non traditional pastor (me) and a denominational pastor. God is too funny.

The situation I wanted coaching on was the issue of calling. My rabbi coach was absolutely amazing and my pastor observer was equally amazing and both insightful.

My coach made a firm request that I process my thoughts out loud using whatever words I wanted without relentlessly editing myself.

The shift happened as I shared. I realizes that two scriptures have “haunted” me for at least three years: Isaiah 43.2 and Jeremiah 18. The first says God will be with us when we walk thru the fire and the flood the second is about the potter and the clay.

My emotional,spiritual and mental shift regarding call came as these two scriptures converged with the struggle I was having reconciling what I thought was my life call to what is now my life reality.

The Holy Spirit spoke thru a rabbi to show me that the fires of affliction I walked through my last two years as a pastor were the kiln He, Jesus, my master potter, was using to to recast and remake me into this new vessel: a coach.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and hope.


2 thoughts on “Oh Shift!

  1. and i’m not sure He’s done “recasting” and “remaking” you yet, girl – keep your heart and eyes open!

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