Supporting my recovery from the closet


I started leading support | recovery groups back in 1996 and one of the most profound lessons I learned was the power of transparency and accountability.  As the years progressed the groups grew from 5 or 6 to sometimes well over 100 people gathering every week to support and encourage one another on their journey to freedom and integrity.  Having 100 plus leaders and participants watching you every week, not to mention the 2000 + people attending the church where I served at the time, will motivate you to stay clean so you can lead clean and have the integrity and equity to speak into other’s lives.

Why tell you that?  Because the only reason I am posting about shopping my closet every day is for accountability.  Once I said it to the blogosphere I knew I would have to be a woman of my word and walk in extreme integrity in this area.

As I am launching my business, ReSet Enterprises, I am committed to integrity, authenticity and transparency in everything I do.  Being a “spendy girl” as my husband generously calls me, is the one area of my life that remains in the gray and I am determined to turn that around.  For my husband and family, my clients and colleagues and for myself.

So the pictures will never be great and I don’t care who is reading or checking it out.  Or if anyone every does.  This is about being ridiculously transparent and obedient to God.

I didn’t post yesterday’s outfit because it was spring cleaning day and I didn’t think anyone cared to see me in my sweats.

Here’s today’s outfit:

IMG_0940 Gray cardi and purple rouched T-Loft; Skinny Jeans-The Limited; Scarf-gift from my bestie Angie; Wedges-Mudd for Khols; Leather wrap cuff-Francesca’s; “Man’s” watch-Target.  You can’t see them but I have on my super adorable bird earrings, another gift from my girl Angie.


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